Software Application Purchase/License


This service is used to request purchases/licensing of desktop software for ISU owned and property tagged computers.

Standard Services and Features 

  1. Request licensing of ISU owned software.
  2. Request purchase of single use, desktop software.
  3. If you require help installing the software submit a Software Installation - ISU Owned Machines service request

SLA:  For productivity software you can expect this service to be completed in 10 business days.  


  1. Only ISU Employees can request licensing of ISU owned software.
  2. Licenses or software that requires purchasing will need to be approved by the requesting Department.


Provide the following required information to complete the request:

  1. Requester name
  2. Whether you are requesting on behalf of another person
  3. Department Chair or other person who can approve the purchase.
  4. Funding Source (i.e. index from Banner requisition)
  5. Date you need the software
  6. Property Tag of the computer that software will be installed on.
Request Software Application


Service ID: 30080
Fri 8/31/18 3:11 PM
Mon 12/6/21 1:42 PM