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Use this service to report an issue with desktop application, such as Microsoft Office applications, or other types of productivity software such as Adobe application, Visio, Project, or Web Browsers.

Request a change in a Team Dynamix Service, Incident, Reports, Desktops, or Knowledge Base Article.

Use this service to request the purchase of a license for desktop software for ISU owned and property tagged computers.

More than 130 servers in the IT environment are Linux-based. These systems host Blackboard, Banner, ISU websites, and help support the research and development communities in the University. Any technical inquiries about existing systems, consultation for new systems, or requests for Linux system administration are initiated by this service. This service includes administration for enterprise Linux systems and may not be requested for desktop or personal operating systems.

Request a modification to a current “Departmental File Share” L Drive

Multimedia Conferencing allows users to schedule and hold conferences using their computer or telephone.

Request a custom report, make modifications to an existing report.

File Services provide network data storage services for individuals and departments.

Use this service to report issues with email and calendaring.

Networking Consultation to facilitate system and device best practices for business use cases or for devices being connected to the network.

This service is to request basic hardware diagnostics, software updates, and anything else you need to keep your machine running at full capacity.

Use this service to report a functional issue with Skillsoft, including any account or log in issues.

Discussion of customized software solutions tailored to specific research and teaching requirements or administrative purposes, when off-the-shelf products are not available.

Use this service to report an issue with specific Enterprise Business applications. If you need access to a Business application or a reset of an application password, please go to the "Accounts and Passwords" services.

The Technology Service Center provides hardware repair for ISU-owned computers with ISU Property tags, and Scholarship laptops in warranty, and Rental laptop computers.