Scan to Network Folder Access Request


OIT, in partnership with Ricoh, is introducing a scan to drive procedure that will allow departments to scan documents to a shared folder on the L drive instead of to an individual’s email address.

Standard Services and Features

Scan the following items to a network file share:

  • Single Page- this will scan each page as a separate document
  • Multiple page-this will scan each page into a single document
  • Batch document- this will allow you to a large volume of pages into one document. This should be used if you have to load the document feed more than once and want all pages to go into a single document.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 5 business days.


Please contact the Technology Support Center if you need assistance determining if this service could be used in your department.  This service is by department only.  All individuals in a department will have access to the same location to scan documents.  Once scanned into the scanning folder, the documents will need to be moved from this location to another place on the H or L drive for permanent storage.  You cannot request more storage for this new shared scan drive.  If the scan drive is full, you will need to move files to another location on the H or L drive.  Secure Documents are not to be used for this service.


Please include all of the portal IDs for users in the department that will require access to this drive.

Access Request


Service ID: 19128
Mon 4/17/17 9:23 AM
Wed 7/26/23 10:44 AM