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Telephones and Unified Communications provide critical communication services for their users.  These services include telephone, voice mail, instant messaging, presence information, etc.  Persons using these services see a greater level of integration between the services and the applications utilized to access them.

Standard Activities and Processes

With all Unified Communication services the following basic steps are performed (not necessarily in this order):

  • Determine the scope of the problem
  • Determine any time constraints (is there a specific time that the problem should be solved to prevent problems for the customer)
  • Determine what caused the problem
  • Determine the solution for the problem

SLA:  For non-urgent issues, you can expect a reply within 4 business hours.


  • Microsoft Teams Voice and Voice Mail services are for Faculty and Staff only.
  • Any changes requested by student employees will have to be verified with their supervisor prior to any changes being made


Please use linked knowledgebase articles and documentation to solve any problems. If you are unable to solve them, enter an incident into the system and a technician will assist you.


  • Every Thursday from 4 am-7:30 am
  • Other times when critical
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