New Intranet Site Creation


The Intranet is a collection of Communication sites accessible by current employees and students. Typically, the content for Communication Sites will be available on a read-only basis for active employees and students, except for those few current employees who maintain the content on those sites.  These sites may be used to distribute forms and other appropriate information to the larger campus community but are not intended to serve as an area for document management and collaboration.

Standard Services and Features

This is a request for a Student site, Employee site, or both sites in the ISU Intranet. A site will be created, and then site editing training will be supplied.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 10 business days.


There is a requirement for there to be two site editors be assigned to the site at all times. The are no costs associated with the service.


To get started, click the "Request Site" button on this page.

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Service ID: 53160
Tue 3/7/23 8:46 AM
Mon 5/1/23 4:33 PM