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Networking Consultation to facilitate system and device best practices for business use cases or for devices being connected to the network.

Standard Services and Features 

  • Construction Consultation - To determine options and costs to connect devices in a new or remodeled space. 
  • Unique Systems Consultation - To determine the limitations, capabilities and best method to connect a non-standard device (Not a Laptop or Desktop) to the campus network.
  • Temporary Setup Consultation - To determine the necessary equipment, configuration, labor and any costs associated to setup for a university sponsored special event. i.e. Career Fair, New Student Orientation, etc...
  • Post construction services - To re-activate and re-install necessary equipment after a construction project.
  • Wireless survey for a non-covered space - To analyze spaces that currently do not have wireless coverage, determining requirements and budgetary requests for approval.


All work is done in conjunction with the Security Team and Telecommunications. Actual deliverable will be determined by budgetary approval if required, the time to acquire necessary equipment and the time to install any necessary cabling, per other SLAs not listed here.


Please submit the 'Request Consultation' form to request this service.

SLA: You can expect this service to be completed in 30 business days.

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