Contact Center New Request or Modification


Contact Center, using  Genesys Cloud provides contact center functionality to university groups.  The environment allows for advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features as well as programmatic outbound dialing enabling effecting communication.

Standard Services and Features 

  • Inbound ACD call routing
  • Call Dispositioning
  • Schedule based call routing
  • Soft phones
  • Call reporting and recording

SLA:  you can expect service fulfillment within 5 business days.


  • All requests must be made by university faculty or staff
  • This product is licensed, and as such will have costs associated to any service additions
  • Some changes may require the use of outside consultants to perform the change.  This may add additional resolution time.


Please provide the information requested on the form.  If you have questions, prior to submitting the request, contact

Maintenance Schedule 

 Every Friday from 4am-7:30am

Other times when critical

Request CC Service


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