HPC Disk Quota Extension


The High Performance Computing cluster at ISU is a shared resource for faculty research and student training. Faculty and research staff account has 1TB of disk quota, and student account has 10GB of disk quota. If more disk space is needed, faculty member may request for an additional project account. A project account is shared by faculty, research staff, and students collaborating on research projects, and can have 5TB of disk quota by default.

Standard Service Features

A Faculty member may request disk quota increment of a project account for up to 20 TB and four weeks, and accommodation of disk quota increment would only be made once every six months.

SLA: You can expect this service to be completed within 5 business days.


Increment of project disk quota above 20TB needs to be approved on a case by case basis.

Please see General Support Policies for HPC for more information on High Performance Computing support.


When requesting this service, you will need provide the following information about the quota extension request:

  1. Your ISU user name (eg. jsmith)
  2. The HPC Project Account Name
  3. Disk Quota extension amount (10TB, 20TB, or more than 20TB)
  4. Length of the extension (2 weeks, 4 weeks, or more than 4 weeks)
  5. Detailed justification for the extension.

You will be notified via email on whether your request has been accepts or rejected.


Request Disk Quota Extension


Service ID: 29236
Mon 7/23/18 8:30 AM
Wed 2/22/23 1:15 PM