Enterprise Software – Purchase Requests


Use this service to request any software that requires contracting or security approvals.

Any department or individual purchasing new software or updating old software must complete the form. This form should be filled out by the person that will be using the software. OIT will confirm that the software will work in the ISU environment. Purchasing will confirm that it meets FERPA, PCI-DSS (credit card capability) and HIPAA as well as contractual terms and conditions that are agreeable between ISU and the vendor. This will ensure that all aspects of running the software are reviewed prior to the software purchase.

Standard Services and Features 

  1. The person that will be using the application or software fills out the form.
  2. OIT creates a ticket which notifies Purchasing, E-commerce and OIT that a new application or software is being purchased.
  3. OIT reviews the software to makes certain it is compatible in the ISU technology environment and whether OIT will need to create a project to implement the software and the approximate timeline to implement the software.
  4. E-commerce reviews the software and contacts the company as needed to confirm PCI compliance.
  5. Purchasing reviews, edits and negotiates the contract. Purchasing also confirms that FERPA, PCI compliance and HIPAA are met.
  6. NEW FOR 2023: steps 4 & 5 can be accelerated if the vendor supplies ISU with thier HEC-VAT form. Most software vendors are now aware of and prepared to provide this document.
  7. Once all of the above are confirmed and agreed upon, the contract is signed by Purchasing.

SLA: For enterprise, shared use software you can expect this service to be completed within 30 days.


  1. Timeframe to implement can change significantly if single sign on is required (same username and password as logging in to the network).
  2. MyISU Portal badge creation can affect the timeframe to implement.
  3. If the software requires integration with applications on campus (i.e. Banner) or an upload of data from an application on campus to the software will require a project be created that must be reviewed by the ITGC (Information Technology Governance Council)
  4. FERPA, PCI compliance and HIPAA data requirements and review.
  5. Contract review and agreement between both ISU and the vendor.
  6. Software support.
  7. Server or computer hardware requirements needed to run the software.
  8. Account administration (creation, deletion, password changes, software updates/upgrades)
  9. For enterprise software, vendors will be required to provide a contract for software that is housed either on or off (hosted) campus. Purchasing will edit and negotiate contract language with the vendor. Only an authorized Purchasing representative can sign a contract. All reviews must be completed and agreed upon before the contract is signed by Purchasing.


To complete this request you will need the following information:

Required Purchase Information
Software Information Licensing/Support Information ISU Environment Information
  • OIT Contact
  • Need Date
  • Software Name
  • Company Name
  • Company website URL link
  • Company Email
  • Company Phone Number
  • Is this an Enterprise License?
  • Contract Length in Years
  • Contract Renewal Deadline Date
  • How many seats being requested
  • Estimate total number of users
  • Who will use the software (Students, Faculty, Staff, others)
  • Server requirements
  • Any hardware purchases that may be required.
  • Warranty information
  • Estimate total cost
  • Proposed or draft contact
  • Is a badge in MyISU portal required?
  • Do you want Single Single On (SSO)
  • Is the software hosted by ISU or the Vendor?
  • What administrative rights will be required?
  • Is Banner integration or other systems required?
  • Does the application have Credit Card capability?
  • Does the application store HIPPA information?
  • Does the application store FERPA information.
  • HAs the vendor provided their HEC-VAT?
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