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Microsoft Office 365 provides email and calendaring services to faculty, staff, and students.

For issues with Office 365 Applications (OneDrive, OneNote, ...) submit a Office 365 Applications - Report an Issue incident report.

Standard Activities and Processes

OIT will work with you to troubleshoot what might be causing the issue. This might be accomplished by having you look at settings on your account, checking things through a remote session or by visiting the desktop in person.

SLA:  For non-urgent issues you can expect a reply within 4 business hours. Stop Work/Urgent request you can expect a reply within 15 minutes.  


Email accounts are available to users who have a valid role that is entitled to email. This can be current or retired employees; business or educational affiliates; admitted, future, current or past student (within one year or who has an incomplete); and also alumni. Mailboxes are removed based upon information in banner for an employee’s last work date plus 90 days or a previous student who hasn’t been enrolled for 4 years.


Troubleshooting can vary depending upon what issue is being encountered. It can be a problem with the underlying account being locked out from bad password attempts after changing the password or can be a lapse in a provisioning role that is entitled to have an account enabled along with various other things.


Office 365 services are updated by Microsoft. They configure their system to be able to update systems without interruption. This does not mean that there won’t be outages when an update is found to have issues, just that there is no real maintenance schedule.

Report an Issue

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