Website and Application Hosting


Web sites and applications may be hosted in our enterprise environment. Access to the site or application may be limited to campus-only, to individual subnets, or not restricted at all. If you require a unique environment or expect a large amount of traffic, the site or application may be hosted independently from our existing web servers.

This service is for work related to Indiana State University websites.

Standard Services and Features

Create or modify domain names, virtual hosts, hosting environment, and load balancing of websites or hosted applications. Provide consultation on the operation and configuration of hosting environments as well as requirements for new environments.

Constraints and Scope

This service is provided for faculty/staff only.


To request this service, list any requirements for the site or application, names and university user names of developers who will need SSH/FTP access to the server, and desired domain name(s). For consultation or technical support, include as much information as you can and our support staff will contact you.

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