High Performance Computing (HPC)-Request Access


With high performance computer systems, scientific research can use mathematical models that are too complex and too time consuming to be solved by a single computer. We administer a High Performance Computer to meet these needs. We can develop codes for high performance computing applications, benchmark HPC systems, port open source scientific software, process large scientific data sets, and consultation for porting your application for local HPC resources and submission to national lab resources.

Standard Services and Features 

An account to access the HPC server (Obsidian), 1TB disk quota for a faculty account, 5TB disk quota for a project account

Link to user information about HPC can be found here: https://obsidian.indstate.edu. This website can only be accessed from ISU’s physical campus or remotely through ISU’s VPN.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 2 business days.


Student accounts must be sponsored by an ISU faculty member. Project accounts needs additional justification, including project name and purpose.


Enter all relevant information into the service request. You will be contacted for further information..

Each staff and faculty member listed in the request will receive an email with instructions on how to get an HPC account. 

Request Service


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Mon 4/17/17 9:39 AM
Fri 2/24/23 11:16 AM