Computer or Accessories Request


This service allows faculty and staff to request computers or computer accessories. Options are available for both purchasing new equipment and requesting equipment to be reissued.

Standard Services and Features 

OIT serves as the repository of University computer equipment. Faculty and staff are issued equipment from the available supply of pre-used devices at no cost to the department. Newly purchased equipment must be funded by either the department, Academic Affairs, or grants.

ISU maintains a standard of one device per person. The Faculty and Staff Computer Standards documentation can be found here.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):  You can expect this service to be completed in 30 business days.


  • This service is for current staff and faculty.
  • Equipment may only be requested for open positions if the position has been posted.
  • If this request is for a student worker, the request must be made by an ISU full time staff or faculty member who supervises their position.
  • All purchase requests will require approval from the requestor's supervisor.


Please be aware of the following requirements:

Future Hires

  • If ordering equipment for an open position we will need either the Banner position number or the NOV number from the student posting.
  • Equipment for faculty and staff will not be deployed until the new person has an active ISU account. Requesting the equipment early will allow us to schedule the deployment on or before their start date.

Purchasing Equipment

  • If using Academic Affairs funds and we have equivalent equipment available, the used equipment will be substituted.
  • Requests for used equipment will be assessed based on equipment availability. If we are unable to fulfill these requests, you will be contacted with possible purchase options.

Returning Equipment

  • ISU maintains a standard of one computer per person. Therefore, when issuing new equipment it is expected that previously used equipment will be returned to ISU's inventory for potential use in other departments.
  • Computers returned to the ISU inventory will be held by OIT for two weeks in case it is discovered that not all data was retrieved prior to returning it. After two weeks, the device will be securely wiped prior to being added back into the ISU inventory.


  • ISU will ship all necessary computer equipment to employees who work exclusively remote and live more than 70 miles from Terre Haute. If we are shipping a replacement device, the package will include a return label for the old equipment.
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