Perceptive Content - Department Onboarding Request


Perceptive Content is the campus recommended application for storing important documents that need to be retained or shared with other areas.  Any department on campus can take advantage of securely storing important documents in Perceptive Content. Documents can be attached to students, employees, and other entities, for accessibility.  This service enables OIT to gather enough information to begin the process of onboarding a department to Perceptive Content.

Standard Services and Features

Onboarding a new department will consist of:

  • Determining what types of documents should be stored.
  • Determining which users will need access to add and edit documents.
  • Determining which users will need view only access to documents.
  • Determining how users will search for documents.
  • Determining if any additional data fields need to be added to the document, for example, term code or hire date.
  • Determining the ways documents will be imported into Perceptive, i.e. scanning paper documents and/or importing electronic documents.
  • Determining if an approval or review process is needed for incoming documents.
  • Determining the amount of time documents need to be retained.

SLA:  You can expect service fulfillment within 30 business days.


Ability to utilize Perceptive Content is available for any on-campus department.

  • At least one lead person within the department will be the responsible contact for all content for that department.
  • Justification for retaining documents “forever” will be required.
  • Each department is responsible for purchasing scanning equipment.
  • Requests will be completed based on current ICS workload.


Please select the Request button and complete the request form.

At a minimum you will need to provide the following required information:

  • Primary imaging contact for the department. This will be the person contacted by ICS throughout the onboarding process.
  • Department Name?
  • Expected Number of Users?
  • Expected Number of Document Types Needed?
  • Does your department currently have a retention policy?
  • Do you anticipate additional data fields?
  • Do you plan to utilize a scanner?

Within 30 days, ICS will schedule an initial meeting with the primary imaging contact indicated in the request to determine further requirements.

Request Onboarding


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