Room Resource Calendar (New or Update)


Room Resource Calendars are special mailboxes that are used for booking a room to hold a meeting in. The room resource can be added as an attendee of the meeting by utilizing the “Add Room…” button in the Outlook Client or from within Webmail. Delegates are added to the Room Resource Mailbox and, by default, they receive requests to approve someone booking the room. The Room Resource Mailbox can be set to process incoming requests so that they are automatically accepted or denied. That can also be applied to groups of individuals so that they are automatically accepted while others are sent to a delegate for approval or denied automatically.


Standard Services and Features 

A Room Resource Mailbox has more calendar processing options than a normal user’s mailbox.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 3 business days.


Faculty or Staff are the only people that can request these mailboxes. When an update is requested, only the owner can request the update. This is to ensure that any modification to the mailbox is vetted properly so that someone doesn’t get added or removed when they shouldn’t be or that they take over the account when they shouldn’t.



The service request form needs to be filled out so that all relevant information is gathered.

Request Calendar


Service ID: 19117
Mon 4/17/17 9:14 AM
Wed 2/15/23 10:34 AM