Departmental Email Address Request- New or Update Account


Departmental Shared Mailboxes are a special mailbox type that allows multiple people to access a single mailbox to send or receive messages. It can also be used for student employees so that  their business communication stays separate from their student communication. Departmental Shared mailboxes can also be used for a common calendar for scheduling. The mailbox is accessed using each individual user’s credentials so that the mailbox is more secure than the traditional way of having a single username and password for a shared mailbox. The mailbox email address will be prefaced with ‘ISU-‘ and will have a domain of unless prior approval for a different email has been obtained. This is so that the mailbox will not conflict with an actual student’s or employee’s mailbox.


Standard Services and Features 

A Departmental Shared Mailbox has all the same features as a normal user mailbox.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 3 business days.


Faculty or Staff are the only people that can request these mailboxes. Student employees can be granted access to the mailbox, but a faculty or staff member has to be the responsible account on the mailbox. When an update is requested, only the responsible account can request the update. This is to ensure that any modification to the mailbox is vetted properly so that someone doesn’t get added or removed when they shouldn’t be or that they take over the account when they shouldn’t.



The service request form needs to be filled out so that all relevant information is gathered.

Request Service


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Thu 10/25/18 11:33 AM