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TeamDynamix (TDX) is Indiana State's IT Service Management platform for tracking ticket requests, managing knowledge articles, project management, asset tracking, and more. Departments using TeamDynamix to intake requests or manage projects can request technician level access for users in their departments.

Standard Features

This service allows you to put in a request to:

  • Add staff member(s) to the TeamDynamix application
  • Modify a staff member’s license type
  • Replace one Staff member with another
  • Remove a staff member from the TeamDynamix application.
  • Request Application access for a staff member.

Requests are typically submitted for technicians to be able to update/resolve tickets, write knowledge base articles, and/or manage projects.

SLA:  You can expect that be resolved in 5 business days.


Departments using TeamDynamix to manage tickets or projects can request access for additional users and/or request separation of TDX users. Typically, only departments that have been onboarded into TeamDynamix will be available to request users. There are some exceptions where a department is partnering with another department who is currently using TeamDynamix.

Users must have a SIGNED FERPA acknowledgement on file.


Click Request Account/Change to start a request.

Request Account/Changes

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