ImageNow – Create/Modify Account Services


ImageNow is the document imaging system utilized by various offices on campus for electronic storage of documents. ImageNow provides the following capabilities.  If your office/department has not yet implemented ImageNow for document storage and would like to do so, please contact our IT Professional Services staff through the ImageNow Document Imaging Implementation Service.

Standard Service Features

As an ISU employee, you will use this service to request new ImageNow accounts, or modify existing accounts.  You may also use this service to remove departmental access to ImageNow.  Offices that already utilize ImageNow can request a new account for employees in their department.  Departments wanting to view documents should request “View Only Access” as the Request Type. Departments that currently have scanning/indexing functionality can use Departmental access request types.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 4 business days.


  • This service request is only for account creation/modification.  
  • Software issues or application specific requests should be made through the application's "Report an Issue" service pages.
  • Accounts will only be created for users with a signed FERPA on file, and have supervisor and security manager approvals.
  • The department Security Manager will need to make Departmental Requests (scan/index/full).  
  • Individual ISU employees can enter View requests and the Security Managers Group will then approved these requests.


You will need the following required information to complete this request.

  • Employee Name
  • Supervisor Name (Student Employees Only)
  • University ID
  • University Username
  • Request Type
  • Reason for request
  • Select “making this request on behalf of someone else” and enter the user’s account ID for which the request is being made.

If you are the Security Manager, requesting a Departmental Account, you will need to:

  • Requested Department
  • Department Security Role

If you are just requesting View request you will need to:

  • Specify whether you will need to access Financial Aid Documents

Once the account is created the new user will be notified of the account creation and their credentials. New users should receive training from within their department.

Request ImageNow Account


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