Student Print Balance Payments


Indiana State University provides thirteen (13) Print Release Stations for student printing.  A detailed location of printer locations can be found at:

At the beginning of each semester a student is enrolled, an allotment of $20 (650 b/w pages) for undergraduates and $30 (1000 b/w pages) for Grad Students is added to each students printing account.  The cost for printing is .03 for black and white pages and .15 for color pages.  If a student uses the credited allotment amount, they can come to the Technology Support Center located in the basement of Stalker Hall and add money to their printing account.  Payment can be made by Cash, Visa or Master Card and check only.  When making payment you will be asked to complete a form listing your name, University ID, University User name and the amount you want to apply.  After the payment transaction has been processed, the amount will be loaded to your account.

Standard Services and Features 

  • Apply payments to a student’s printing account
  • Issue print credits
  • Reload a student’s credentials when experiencing card swipe issues

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 1 business day.


The students print account actually consists of three "purses"; Credit, Allotment, and Cash. The "credit" purse is where any bad prints will be credited back to your account, the "allotment" will hold the standard semester amount given to all students, and the "cash" purse will hold any money you added to your account. When you print, the system will first charge the "credit" purse until it is zero, then the "allotment" purse, and finally the "cash" purse.

Credit - Print credit will be issued due to mechanical defect such as streaks, light printing, or issues of a similar nature caused by the printed.  The printout from these type of errors need to be brought to the Technology Support Center within seven days of the failed print job for credit to be issued.

Note that if the printer jams, the print job will be reprinted once the jam is cleared. An OIT technician will arrive within a few minutes to clear the jam

Allotment – The print allotment is applied at the beginning of each semester a student is enrolled. Allotment credits that are left in an account at the end of the semester will roll-over from Fall to Spring and from Spring to Summer.  However, at the end of the Summer semester all print account allotments will be reset to zero.

Cash – If a student does not use their print credit from a payment, the balance will be rolled over each semester and will not be reset to zero.

Print jobs will be held in the queue for 24 hours.  After the time limit is expired, print jobs are deleted automatically.  Deleted jobs are not charged.


Students need to come to the Technology Support Center in the basement of Stalker Hall, room 009.  Between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.



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