School of Music Recordings


Performing audio recording service to School of Music events. In addition to recording, the audio clip will also need to edited to take out excess recordings, adjustment of volume levels (if necessary), burning to CDs, as well as creating the labels before turning them in to School of Music for archiving. This service request will help keep track of the steps as well as keep requestors informed on the stages of each recordings.

Standard Services and Features

The School of Music will provide notification of events that would need to be recorded. If there is cancellations, School of Music office will notify CETS of the cancellations at least a day in advance in most cases. On the day of the recording, the tech will arrive 30 minutes prior to start of recording to perform checks before the event. He/She will start the recording 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the event on 2 recording devices (one is the main and the other is a backup). Once completed, the recordings are brought back to CETS office for editing.

During editing, the tech will remove excess parts at the beginning and ending. He/she will also add markers at the beginning of each piece so listeners can quickly jump from one piece to another. The only exception is the general recitals. Once edited, the end product is being burned onto CDs and labels created for the casing before being turning them to School of Music office.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 10 business days.


This service is intended only for event recording requests from the School of Music.

Due to staffing levels, we might get last minute calls ins due to sickness. We will attempt to still have the recording covered but there might be times when we do not have the personnel to cover the event, specially on weekends.

Another constraint is equipment failure during the recording. Even though we tried to test the equipment prior to the recording, sometimes equipment do fail. We do have another backup option but in rare occasion, both devices might fail at the same time. In which case, we will inform requestor of such when it happens.


To ensure smooth process, the requestor will need to provide the following information:

  1. Date, time, and location of the event
  2. Recording title
  3. Copy of the program (This is to help us create the CD and case labels)

Once the event is entered, it will be assigned to a technician to perform the recording, editing, creation of CD and labels. The final product will be delivered to the School of Music office to be archived.

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