CampusNexus CRM (Talisma) - Data Retrieval Request


As of Dec. 15, 2022, the ISU offices will no longer have access to the Talisma application and or Talisma database.  Only the current administrators to Talisma will have direct access to the data.  In order to retrieve the information necessary to resolve outstanding issues and or data necessary to comply to a University level request, the Talisma Data Retrieval Request should be submitted.

Standard Services and Features

SLA:  You can expect to have a response to this request 5 business days.


  • This service request is for staff users only.
  • Requests will be completed based on current ICS workload.


Please select the Request Data Retrieval button and complete the request form.

Additionally, the following information corresponding to those involved and the corresponding e-mails / interactions will be required in your request:

  • First and last names with respective 991s and e-mail addresses of all involved individual(s).

  • Subjects and dates of e-mails / interactions.

  • Descriptions of requests.

If available, you can also provide any involved Talisma interaction IDs and indicate which documents the request pertains to.


Request Data Retrieval


Service ID: 52796
Tue 12/6/22 1:28 PM
Mon 2/6/23 1:58 PM