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Business Applications

Administrative software such as Banner, Argos, ImageNow, Kronos.

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Software specific to Faculty and Advisors.

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Banner Administrative System Overview - Report an Issue

Banner is the primary Administrative System used for all areas across campus.
Banner Accounts are requested through "Banner Security Managers".

Argos - University Reporting Software - Report an Issue

Argos is the official university reporting software used by client offices to report against our enterprise systems.

PeopleAdmin Overview - Report an Issue

Applicant Tracking, Position Description and Personnel Evaluation software.

Kronos Time Reporting System Overview - Report an Issue

Kronos is the Timeclock system used by hourly employees of the university

Qualtrics Survey Overview - Report an Issue

Easy to use survey tool. Build Surveys, Send links to targets and accumulate results.

Campus Nexus CRM - Report an Issue

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Primarily used for Student Interactions