My Recently Visited Services

Use this service to report a functional issue with Skillsoft, including any account or log in issues.

Use this service to report any type of security issue with ISU owned devices or ISU faculty, student, or staff personal/private information.

Request a change in a TeamDynamix Service, Incident, Reports, Desktops, or Knowledge Base Article.

Request a new Canvas Sandbox Course site for development use. Sandbox sites are for developing content only; no students will be enrolled in sandbox sites.

Use this service to request SPSS/Minitab for an entire class or a Faculty installation on a Mac.

Use this service to request software installation support for ISU owned computers. The software can be included in the ISU Software Center, or could be other business related software used on an ISU owned computer. For support on installing software on personal machines see the Knowledge Base article titled "Install Software on Personal Computers"

Create or modify a Perceptive Content account for a new user of the document imaging system.

Use this Service to report an issue with Office 365 applications other than email or calendaring. For example, OneDrive, OneNote, Delve, and others.

Requests for account modifications (i.e. - changing the Qualtrics account username, changing from self-registered to ISU brand database accounts, altering groups, transferring surveys, and more).

Students requesting to add money or requesting credit be applied to their Print Balance account

Assistance with connecting to the ISU Network via wireless, wired, or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

This service applies to servers that are operated and managed by OIT on behalf of Indiana State University faculty. This service does not apply to personal systems or student/staff systems.

Web sites and applications may be hosted in our enterprise environment. Access to the site or application may be limited to campus-only, to individual subnets, or not restricted at all. If you require a unique environment or expect a large amount of traffic, the site or application may be hosted independently from our existing web servers.

Use this service to report a functional issue with Kronos, including any phone entry issues and employee access issues.

Request a new network jack to be installed. (Fees may apply)

Contact Center provides contact center functionality to university groups.

LISTSERV is a mailing list used for repeated correspondence with a group of people. This request is to create a new LISTSERV.

The official university digital signage product. ISU Live displays are large LCD displays that can be found all over campus displaying time and weather, ISU and departmental news, and social media feeds.

Use this service to request a content edit for a department’s existing website or web page. If your department’s website is mid-transition, from Drupal 7 to 9, changes will be held until after the migration is completed.

This service is to request basic hardware diagnostics, software updates, and anything else you need to keep your machine running at full capacity.

Request an existing LAN jack to be activated.

This service is for requesting use of Perceptive Content (document imaging) by a department that is not already utilizing Perceptive Content.

Use this service to request small portable sound and projector systems for ISU sponsored events as well as portable laptop carts.

At Indiana State University, there are several Adobe software packages available to Faculty and Staff to use for work - Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Adobe Sign

Request Team Dynamix access, modify an existing account license or permissions, or remove a Users access.