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Articles associated with on-campus and off-campus connections to network (wireless and wired).

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Pinned Article Connecting to ISU-SECURE Wireless Quick Start Guide

This article describes how to connect your device to the ISU-SECURE network. These steps should be followed by students, faculty, staff and anyone with an Indiana State University account provided by a campus sponsor. This is a secure network and is the preferred network to be used by students, faculty and staff conducting Indiana State University business.

Pinned Article How to Connect to ISU-OPEN Wireless for Guest

This article describes how to connect your device to the ISU-OPEN wireless network. Guest without an Indiana State University should follow these steps to create a temporary account that will allow them to access the ISU-OPEN network during their visit.

Connect to Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad, or iPodtouch Quick Start Guide

This article will guide you through a brief set of steps to get started with connecting your Apple device to a wireless network. The target audience is students, faculty, staff, and guest that use Apple devices.

Smartphone FAQ

This will provide answers to frequently asked questions for connecting receiving your ISU email via your mobile device

Supported Wireless Devices Information

We hope this guide was helpful in your understanding of our wireless network.