Connecting Google Pixel version 11 phone to ISU-SECURE


  • Google phones updated to android 11 may not connect to ISU-Secure

Environment/ Application

  • Google Pixel version 11 phones 
  • Wireless connections


  • There is a known issue that prevents the Google phones described from connecting to wireless.


Go to your phone wireless and network settings (wifi), find ISU-Secure, and follow the steps below.  

1. Forget ISU-SECURE on your phone.
2. Select ISU-SECURE to connect. 
3. Enter your university account username for the identity.
4. Enter your university account password.
5. Select  "Use system Certificates" for CA certificates.
6. Select  "Request Status" for online certificate.
7. Enter in the domain field.
8. Click on connect and test to see if you have a connection.

Contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 if you need further assistance.  

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