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Accounts and Passwords

Articles on various university systems. Banner, Argos, ImageNow, and more.

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Contains information and tutorials on Argos.

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Pinned Article University Affiliate Account - FAQ

Frequently asked questions concerning the University Account, University Affiliated Account and the different accesses that each have.

Banner Account Management FAQ

A Banner account request must originate from an employee's supervisor - individuals can’t just request a Banner account on their own.  If there is no indication as to why or what is needed, we must respond to the request by asking for their supervisor to submit the request.

Change my Banner Password

Directions and information to be able to Change Banner Password because of password Expiration, Change Banner Password. This article includes the Banner Password Guidelines.

Banner Password Reset - Next Steps

Once OIT has reset your password to a temporary password, there are a few more actions that you must take to set your own unique password.

Banner Password FAQ

Everything you need to know about Banner Authentication.