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Faculty and Staff can request software installations through OIT for their ISU issued computer. These installations can be accommodated through Software Center or by an OIT consultant.

This service will provide you the information and request mechanism necessary for obtaining the right computer equipment for your needs or those of your department.

Request a new Banner Account. Request specific access within the Banner Administration System. Change existing Account Access within Banner.

Request a modification to a current “Departmental File Share” L Drive

Request a new account and credentials for Qualtrics

If your role is that of a Student, you must be Graduate Student and must have a Faculty or Staff requests the account on your behalf. The requester is the “Sponsor”.

Request a reset of your password if you've forgotten it or have become locked out of your account.

Use this service to request purchasing or licensing of desktop productivity software applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and others. To request the purchase of Enterprise software that requires contracting and security reviews use the "Enterprise Software – Purchase Request".

Use this service to request purchasing Enterprise business applications that require approval from Contracting/Purchasing and HIPPA, FERPA, and PCI reviews. To request licensing or purchasing of single user desktop applications use the "Desktop Software - Purchase Request".

The Technology Service Center provides hardware repair for ISU-owned computers with ISU Property tags, and Scholarship laptops in warranty, and Rental laptop computers.

Assistance with connecting to the ISU Network via wireless, wired, or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Development or modification of workspaces, canned responses, campaigns, web forms, reports, and rules for existing CRM users. Training requests can also be submitted.(CampusNexus CRM)

Portal Badges provide access to multiple services and 3rd party applications.

Blackboard accounts may be requested for individuals without a University ID.

Banner is the primary Administrative System used for all areas across campus.
Banner Accounts are requested through "Banner Security Managers".

Create or modify an ImageNow account for a new user of the ImageNow document imaging system.

Departmental Shared Mailboxes are a special mailbox type that allows multiple people to access a single mailbox to send or receive messages. It can also be used for student employees so that their business communication stays separate from their student communication.

Requests for account modifications (i.e. - changing the Qualtrics account username, changing from self-registered to ISU brand database accounts, altering groups, transferring surveys, and more).

This service is to request the availability of a new product or a product update in Software Center.

Argos is a report writing tool used for building and deploying reports, creating files, and displaying dashboards using data that Indiana State University collects and maintains within numerous databases.

Request multiple course enrollments be merged into a single course site in Blackboard. Note: Course merge request must be submitted prior to the start of classes.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Primarily used for Student Interactions (prospective students, leads, current enrollments etc.)

This service is used to request a hardware upgrade for your computer.

University Accounts are automatically created when you are associated with the university in some way. Whether you are a student, staff or faculty; you will have a university account created. Here is what you need to do to activate your University Account or report an issue with that account.

ISU-GUEST Replaces ISU-OPEN for a Better Wireless Experience