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How To Create Direct Links of YuJa Videos

If you need to post or email a link to your YuJa video for guest viewing.

How To Download a YuJa Recording

If you're backing up your Media Library or using an advanced video editor, you will need to download the YuJa videos as a .mp4 video.

How To Embed YuJa recording into Qualtrics surveys

For researchers that are using recorded video and want to add it to Qualtrics surveys.
This will work for Faculty, Staff, and Students that are using both YuJa and Qualtrics.

How To Give Students Publishing Rights to a Course Channel in YuJa

How faculty can allow students to publish videos with Instructor Review or freely to a Course Channel in YuJa

How To Publish a Video to a Course Channel in YuJa

Using the Course Channel YuJa instead of in Blackboard to make videos available to students.

How To Upload Videos and Media to YuJa

In order for an instructor or student to use videos not made with the Software Station or other media in a course, content must be uploaded to YuJa first. Files that can be uploaded include YouTube videos, web links, video and audio files, or documents from a personal computer.

How To Use the Sharing Option in YuJa

With the Video Platform, Content Creators can share their media with both internal and external users. There are three key methods to share content within the Video Platform: One-to-One Sharing, publishing to Media Channels, and through direct links or embed codes.

Video Quizzing with YuJa

The Video Platform’s Quizzes offer a way to assess learning, encourage interaction and to measure understanding of video content. Content Creators can make video quizzes using any uploaded video content in their Media Collection.