How To Publish a Video to a Course Channel in YuJa


Publishing a video to a course channel does NOT upload the recording to the Canvas course. Instead, users will have to access YuJa to view a video that is published to a course channel in YuJa.

In order to publish a video to a class channel, the instructor must follow the instructions above to upload a video or create their own lecture capture. Once the video is uploaded or created, it can be found in "My Media" within the "Manage Media" option. Note: Using the same video in multiple courses is possible. Videos can be published to multiple class channels at once or can be published separately to class channels using the steps below.

Article: Publishing Media to the Media Channels



1. Click on the "MANAGE MEDIA" button.

Manage Media

2. Navigate to "My Media".

My Media

3. Mouse-over the video you wish to publish and click the option to publish.

Publish video

4. Choose the desired channel in the window that automatically appears. Note: It is possible to select multiple course channels. Click "SELECT".


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