How To Download a YuJa Recording

Downloading a YuJa Recording to your Computer

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Downloading a YuJa video allows users to have access to a MP4 file of their recording. Follow the instructions below to request a link from YuJa and download the file to your computer.

1. Click on the "MANAGE MEDIA" option.


2. Mouse-over the video and click "More..."


4. Select the "Downloads" option from the Details menu located below the video.

5. Choose the appropriate download option. "Audio and Video Content", will generally be the best option.


6. Choose whether you want separate video files, or just one.

* If you are using an editing program, separate files may work best.

* If you’re saving files as a backup, selecting a single file may work best.


7. The video file will be emailed to you.

* Links for video files are only available for 24 hours.



8. Click on the link in your email and the recording will be saved as an MP4 to your computer.



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