Security incident reporting, security consultations, and exemption requests.

Services (6)

International Travel Security Check

Several technical issues may arise when traveling internationally. If you are leaving the country and plan to access any ISU resources, we recommend you allow us to check for conflicts.

Multifactor Authentication - Report a Problem

Use this service to report a problem, or ask a question about Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) setup or usage.

Request a Security Consultation

Security Consultation to facilitate security best practices for business use cases or for risk assessment and data security considerations.

Security - Report an Incident

Use this service to report any type of security issue with ISU owned devices or ISU faculty, student, or staff personal/private information.

Security Standard Exemptions

A Security Standard Exemption provides faculty or staff with an exemption from an OIT baseline security standard that inhibits effective use of the computer.

SSL Certificate Management

Indiana State University secures web traffic using SSL certificates for all domains. If you host a web site or application under an sub-domain, you may request a certificate to secure traffic to your web server.