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Request to have setup or checkout for AV Equipment

Certain administrative systems are restricted and only accessible from on-campus. Employees that are required to access administrative systems, such as Banner, from off-campus will need a token.

Access to some administrative applications requires a user to be running β€œon” the campus network. You can do this from off campus, through the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Video illustrations of concepts or ideas that are otherwise difficult to demonstrate.

Argos is a report writing tool used for building and deploying reports, creating files, and dashboards.

Information on how to set your Argos Password and the requirements between Banner and Argos passwords.

Blackboard accounts may be requested for individuals without a University ID.

Collaborate offers two interfaces, Classic and Ultra. Courses are set to the Ultra interface by default, but instructors may request their course to be converted to Classic.

Blackboard Learn is the official on-line learning environment for Indiana State University

Request to have new software integrated into the Blackboard Learn environment.

Request to create an account for a new user of Blue Reports

Temporary Bridge Accounts are a special account type for student employees that allow access to shared resources such as shared mailboxes, calendars, and rooms.

Request to arrange one-on-one or group assistance in a classroom (note: non-emergency only).

This service will provide you the information and request mechanism necessary for obtaining the right computer equipment for your needs or those of your department.

Request to install or update a program in a campus academic computer lab