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Adding Resources to a Project

This article demonstrates how to add staff Resources to an existing TeamDynamix project. Once a staff Resource has been added to a project, that person can then be assigned to task in the project plan. ... Introduction This article demonstrates how to add staff Resources to an existing TeamDynamix project. Once a staff Resource has been added to a project, including the time estimates, and then

Qualtrics Account and Single Sign-on

Introduction Indiana State University has standardized on Microsoft Azure SAML authentication for a true Single Sign-On (SSO) experience across campus products. Qualtrics has been migrated to

How to Update a Computer Asset

Introduction The following is a quick guide on how to update a computer or device asset. Steps Open the asset in the Technician view of TeamDynamix (TDNext). Click the green Edit

How to Look-up an Asset(s) for an Individual

view of TeamDynamix (TDNext). Search for the individual and open up their profile Click on the Assets tab on their profile This will display any assets with the individual listed as the

Change Your University Account Password

requirements. Microsoft's Password Protection identifies, detects, and blocks known weak passwords and their variants.  You will see a confirmation that your password has been reset

Tickets vs Projects

requires planning and multiple resources (usually) over an extended period of time. Normally more than 40 hours of work. TeamDynamix offers some guidance for this question. When to Manage Work as a

Hardware - Report an Issue

Repair Incident ticket. If the computer is NOT a personally-owned or non-ISU model, the computer is then handed off to the Hardware team for visual inspection, troubleshooting, and repair following

How to Add Assets to Existing Tickets

the Technician view of TeamDynamix (TDNext). Click the Assets/CIs tab on the ticket Click the green +Assets/CIs button This will pop-up with a search for adding an asset. You may either

Security Awareness: Four Steps to Stay Safe Online

creating a sense of urgency and by impostoring someone legitimate.  Impostoring is a common tactic: Someone might call you pretending to be Microsoft tech support and claim that your computer is

Security Awareness: Viruses and Malware

business related purposes - Office 365 has ransomware protection inherent to its use of OneDrive, Teams, and Sharepoint. All staff and faculty are protected by Windows Defender for Enterprise. This security software is the best approach to protection from inadvertently downloading malicious software.

Creating Plan Reports

This article describes how to run the pre-defined TeamDyanmix Plan Reports. ... Introduction This article describes how to run the pre-defined TeamDynamix Plan Reports. Preconditions: You must have access to the Projects/Workspaces application. You must be Team

Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite or Adobe Sign

microsoft ... Description At Indiana State University, there are several Adobe software packages available to Faculty and Staff for work purposes.  Below is a brief description of each to help you decide which

How to Look-up an Asset

Steps to look up an asset in TeamDynamix ... Introduction This is a guide on how to look-up an asset or assets from an asset application in TDX. Steps Go to the appropriate asset application in the Technician view in TeamDynamix

How To Get Support for Contact Center

when a technician acknowledges your request. If you are unable to enter your service request, using the steps above, contact the TSC at 812-237-2910. Conclusion Using the steps above, you will be able to access the TeamDynamix system and enter a support request for Contact Center.

How To Send a Campus-Wide Email

be on and logged in before the message will be sent.  Conclusion These instructions should help you send messages to large campus groups. Additional Resources For additional instructions on using a shared mailbox: Open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook on the web (