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Training tutorials and support documentation to help you understand how to use the Office 365 applications are available at  This article directs you to the Office Apps Help and Training section.  In this section, you will find a list of the Office 365 applications with a link for each application to Help and a link to Training.  The Office Apps help and training cover the most used functions.  There may be instances, depending on your use case, when you may need additional more formal training for a particular application for you or your department.  If you determine you need more training contact the Technology Support Center to request a consultation.

Office Apps Help and Training

  • Help- The help link, generally,  will take you to a help and learning portal for each application.  In this portal you will find:
    • Link for getting started documentation
    • Links to documentation about the application features.  (This will be about 80% of the features and functionality and should be adequate to help you get started)
    • Admin tasks- Some applications have a section for administrators.  Please note some of the information in this section refers to the Office 365 administrator  but there is documentation in this section for users that are not administrators as well.   
    • Troubleshoot- Some applications provide a link for documentation on troubleshooting
  • Training- The training section, in most cases, is a link to short tutorials on a particular topic or feature for the application.

Follow the link to the Office Apps Help and Training.  

Additional Help

Please see related articles for more information about Office 365 applications. 

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) by following the link to Getting Help if you need further assistance.  


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