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Indiana State University has standardized on Microsoft Azure SAML authentication for a true Single Sign-On (SSO) experience across campus products.

Qualtrics has been migrated to Azure SSO as well on May 18, 2023.

Individual Qualtrics users will no longer need to keep a separate password for Qualtrics after the SSO migration.  With SSO, an individual user can directly access Qualtrics from the ISU Portal.  In addition, faculty, staff, and eligible affiliates will no longer need to submit account request for a new Qualtrics account.

Students will still need faculty or staff sponsorship to request a new Qualtrics account, however once the account is created, students will use the Azure SSO Authentication to access their account.

Departmental accounts will still need separate user name and password for Qualtrics login.

The following are instructions on how to acquire a new account in Qualtrics, and how to login to Qualtrics.


1. New account request

1.1) Faculty, staff, and eligible affiliate account.

Faculty and staff will not need to submit a ticket for new Qualtrics account. During your first-time login to Qualtrics through the ISU Portal, your account will be automatically created.

1.2) Students will need faculty or staff to sponsors their Qualtrics account request.

Students should ask their sponsor faculty or staff to submit a ticket on their behalf using Qualtrics - New Account Request service. Once the student account has been created in Qualtrics, both the student and the sponsor will be notified, and the student will be able to log in to Qualtrics from ISU Portal.

1.3) Departmental account

To request a departmental account for shared survey projects in Qualtrics, you'll need a departmental email address. If you do not have one, click here to request a departmental email address first. Then submit a ticket to request a departmental Qualtrics account.

2. Single Sign-on for individual account including faculty, staff and students

2.1) Go to the ISU Portal at https://portal.indstate.edu/. Once you login to the ISU Portal, expand the ISU APPS on the left side navigation menu by clicking the right arrow >.

2.2) Click on Qualtrics from the expanded ISU APPS list.

2.3) You'll be redirected to your Qualtrics dashboard without being requested to enter password.

2.4) If you see error message such as "User account is disabled", do not click "Retry Login". Instead, submit a Qualtrics Modify Account Request for re-activation.

2.5) Faculty hired by term may not be able to access Qualtrics before their first day of employment. When they click on "Qualtrics" under "ISU APPS" in ISU portal, they may be redirected back to ISU portal instead of Qualtrics. In such a case, please submit ticket using Qualtrics - Modify Account Request to request a temporary account modification to bypass Single Sign-on.

2.6) Students without existing Qualtrics account will see an error message as shown below, and need to request an account first.

3. Departmental account login through Qualtrics interface.

3.1) Go to https://indstate.qualtrics.com

3.2) You'll see two option: "Indiana State SSO Sign-In Page" and "Qualtrics sign in page". Make sure you click on "Qualtrics sign in page".

3.3) Type in your departmental Qualtrics account name (typically your departmental email address starting with "isu-"), and departmental password for Qualtrics.

4. Log out of Qualtrics

Once you log out of Qualtrics, you'll be redirected to a Qualtrics page with both SSO login and Qualtrics login options.

If you need to re-login, for individual user account, select "Indiana State SSO Sign-In Page"; and for departmental account, select "Qualtrics sign in page".

Additional Information

Click on this video clip for an additional demonstration of Qualtrics SSO.



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