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This article will assist help desk technicians in handling Qualtrics incidents and service requests. In a nutshell, Qualtrics is a cloud based survey system. ISU's license includes customer support by Qualtrics. When a user asks about how to use Qualtrics or a specific feature of Qualtrics, they should contact Qualtrics Support directly. OIT is responsible for

  1. Account creation (new account request):,
    • Faculty, staff and eligible affiliate accounts are created automatically during the first-time login to Qualtrics using SSO from ISU Portal. No ticket is required.
    • Faculty hired by term may not be able to access Qualtrics from ISU portal before their first day of employment. In such a case, we suggest that the user request an affiliate account for early access.
    • Student account request requires a ticket. The ticket should be submitted by a sponsor faculty or staff.
    • Departmental account can also be requested by submitting a ticket. A valid departmental email address is needed for Qualtrics account.
  2. Account modification (re-activate disabled account, special permission):,
  3. Account locked: When user typed in wrong password too many times, their account will be locked for one hour. After an hour, their account will be automatically unlocked.
  4. Issues when accessing Qualtrics
    1. Issues when accessing Qualtrics are mostly related to system down or degraded performance.
    2. If a user cannot access Qualtrics because their account has expired or locked, please refer to 2. - Account modificiation.
  5. General and feature questions, such as "Can I upload a file in my survey?". User need to go to Qualtrics support if they ask "How do I upload a file in Qualtrics survey?".

ISU Support

OIT Support OIT-CPRgroup (Stacey Bocard X3663, Yihua Bai X2678 , Casey Burk X8778)

Support Websites (login required)

Community Websites

Product Documentation

Email Distribution List


Major Areas Supported

All faculty, staff, and eligible affiliates. Student workers and students who use Qualtrics for their course work. Any student requesting Qualtrics account should be sponsored by a faculty or staff (Their sponsor faculty or staff person should make account request for the student).

Please note:

  • Users are advised to contact Qualtrics Support directly for instructions on how to use Qualtrics and its features.
  • OIT is responsible for creating / updating user accounts and permissions.
  • Locked account: When user typed in wrong password too many times, their account will be locked for one hour. After an hour, their account will be automatically unlocked.
  • Student account needs sponsorship from faculty or staff. If faculty or staff emails to request Qualtrics account for their student, their email should be included in the corresponding ticket so we know that there is a sponsorship.
  • SPSS is not a part of the Qualtrics platform. If users need to use SPSS to analyze their survey data,they should make a new request for SPSS.

Vendor Support

Vendor Corporate Website / Headquarters


333 W. River Park Drive
Provo, UT 84604 USA

Vendor Representative 

Craig Stevens

Senior Enterprise Account Executive

Support Phone Number

Go to and login with your Qualtrics account credential. Submit a form with your phone number and question type, and they'll call you back.

Support Website


Additional Information

Software / Version:

  • Version: current Month(s) and year(s) of use
  • For academic purpose, use

Hardware / Servers:

  • Hosted (SaaS)


This service is available 24/7, excluding planned outages, normal maintenance windows, Amazon AWS down time, and unavoidable events. System status is posted at


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Requests for account modifications (i.e. - changing the Qualtrics account username, changing from self-registered to ISU brand database accounts, altering groups, transferring surveys, and more).
Faculty, staff, and eligible affiliates do not need to submit ticket for new Qualtrics account. If your role is that of a Student, you must have a Faculty or Staff request the account on your behalf. The requester is the “Sponsor”.
Use this service to report any functional issues associated with your ISU Qualtrics projects (surveys, groups etc.). If your account is disabled, you may request reinstatement via the Qualtrics - Modify Account Request: