How to Add Assets to Existing Tickets


It can be valuable for an organization to tie assets and tickets together in order to track the historic requests and/or work related to an asset. This may be helpful in viewing the lifespan of a device or perhaps troubleshooting prolonged/intermittent issues. The following will provide steps for adding assets to existing tickets.


Start by opening an existing ticket in the Technician view of TeamDynamix (TDNext).

  1. Click the Assets/CIs tab on the ticket
  2. Click the green +Assets/CIs button
  3. This will pop-up with a search for adding an asset. You may either start typing the asset's Computer Name, Serial Number, and/or Property Tag - or you may click the magnifying glass for a more advanced search.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  4. Once selected, click Save to add the asset(s) to the ticket.

Additional Information

If you need further assistance, feel free to speak to a supervisor or reach out to Chris Middleton.

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