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Telephony Device Standard

University phone systems. To obtain support from the Office of Information Technology and its UC platform provider Microsoft, faculty and staff using telephone services must use a certified Microsoft UC

Voice Mail Quick Start Guide

With Unified Messaging you have access to Exchange Email, Calendaring, and Contacts on your phone, utilizing Outlook Voice Access. You also have access to your voice mails in Microsoft Outlook. ... Introduction With Microsoft Cloud Voicemail you have access to voicemail on your Skype for Business desktop phone.  You also have access to your voicemails in Microsoft Outlook. Estimated time

Office 365 FAQ

microsoft ... such as Teams and Yammer that are completely new to our environment. Will my Microsoft applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) run in the cloud now? Not in most cases.  In most cases you will

How to Send a Secure, Encrypted Message from Your University Email Account to a Non ISU Email Account/User.

Introduction ISU’s email service is capable of sending secure messages from your University email account using Microsoft Office 365 message encryption to recipients outside of This

Using the Project Briefcase

document.  Note: Only one person can check out the document at a time, but multiple team members can upload new versions of a document. It is recommended that you use One Drive or Teams to

How-To Build a Project Schedule

manager (PM) and project team should collaborate to define the list of tasks, also known as the project schedule. Steps To set up your project schedule: Identify high-level milestones to

OneDrive - File Storage for Students

Introduction OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud based storage solution that comes as a part of every student Office 365 license. Data is stored off-campus in a non-university owned data center. The

OneDrive - Syncing and Sharing Data

Data Storage OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud based storage solution that comes as a part of Office 365. Data is stored off-campus in a non-university owned data center. Indiana State University has

Academic Computer Labs Locations, Software, and Equipment Types

. The list can be found attached to this article.   All Windows computers in campus labs contain this software: Microsoft Office Suite:  Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access Browsers

Creating Project Announcements

Introduction Use the Project Announcements feature to communicate with Team Members. Steps Open your project via TDNext (Technician View) This can be done via the Projects app or

Other Business Applications - Report an Issue

team.   For Application Password Resets, go to the "Accounts and Password" section or do a search on the "Application Name - Reset Password". If you cannot find the application listed in the "Accounts

Academic Software for ISU Students

help clarifying allowed uses of software. Applications:   Office365 Publisher: Microsoft       Eligibility: Currently enrolled ISU Students, Faculty and Staff Currently enrolled students

How to Clear Your Cache and Cookies on Your Device(s)

”. If still experiencing issues clearing the data please see:  Microsoft Edge Open Microsoft Edge. Click on the menu or the

How to Setup and Edit Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

microsoft ... -factor authentication will require you to authenticate your identity using an additional method. Special Concepts Office 365 MFA Verification Methods Microsoft has a set of defined methods you

Multifactor Authentication - Report an Issue

Description Microsoft Office 365 uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a security enhancement that requires a second form of verification when logging into Office 365 resources.   Multi-factor