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ISU Standard for Computer System Workstation Security

restricted information in both hardcopy and electronic format. Host virtual meetings with MS Teams, Zoom, or other appropriate ISU-supported, secure virtual conferencing platforms. Create, modify, or

PC Diagnostics and Tune-Up

or 3rd party, depending on model. Allows our hardware team to diagnose any current or potential hardware issues. Software Updates Windows Updates Enterprise software updates 3rd

How to Update a Computer Asset for Student Employee Use

Introduction The following is a quick guide for documenting a student employee on a computer asset in TeamDynamix. Steps Open the asset in the Technician view of TeamDynamix (TDNext

Standard for ISU Email Security for Mobile Devices

. Restricted or Highly Restricted Data should NEVER be downloaded to a personally owned device. ActiveSync is a Microsoft synchronization protocol that lets ISU staff and faculty use mobile devices to

MyISU Portal Information

using standard Microsoft University Credentials, just like your Outlook Email (university email account and university password).  When a person signs into the portal, their identity is verified and

Accessing Minitab for Students

will feature the steps needed to access both versions available. Steps Accessing the Minitab Virtual App via Web Browser Open a Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge browser (Other browsers

Technology and Services for Retirees

by the ISU Microsoft license, so they will only be able to access their e-mail using the web. What does this mean? Retirees will continue to receive e-mail at the account by

STA Laptop Setup

OIT’s website so you have them readily available once classes begin. All Microsoft Office products that ISU provides will already be on the laptop. Open up Word, Excel, etc. and you will be asked to

Adding Plans from Templates

. Project Plan A set of related, and interdependent tasks that describe the work to be completed on a project. Project Component Preconfigured modules (e.g. Team, Feed

Slate - Service Request

for reporting purposes in Slate 2 must be approved by IT-CRM Team in order to ensure the query configuration is retrieving all appropriate records. Reports - request the creation/modification

Major Windows Updates - XXHX

Information regarding Microsoft's semi-annual update schedule. ... Introduction As of writing this article (Fall 2021), Microsoft has adopted a semi-annual release cycle for it's major updates to the Windows 10 operating system, typically in the Spring and Fall

How to Cross-List/Merge Canvas Courses

courses into one easily accessible site. In the past course Cross-Listing was performed by the OIT Blackboard support team, but with our migration over to Canvas, Faculty and Staff are now able to perform

How to Close a Project

Instructions for Project Managers to close out projects in TeamDynamix ... Introduction The following will offer guidance for Project Managers on how to close a project in TeamDynamix. While a project can be marked 100% complete with status updates, you will still need

Standard for ISUAD Domain Connectivity of ISU-Owned Systems and Devices

Introduction is the OIT centrally-managed Microsoft Domain intended for use by all Indiana State University Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, and Affiliates.  The ISUAD Domain

How to Create and Edit a Knowledge Base Article

This article describes how to create a new knowledge base article in the TeamDynamix application. The target audience is OIT student employees and staff that create knowledge base articles. ... teamdynamix ... Introduction This article will give brief instructions on how to create an article in the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base. Articles may be created quickly to capture knowledge and later revised to