How to Close a Project


The following will offer guidance for Project Managers on how to close a project in TeamDynamix. While a project can be marked 100% complete with status updates, you will still need to close out the project in TDX to be completely finished. Closing a project includes project completion as well as a cancellation of the project.


The following are steps for Project Managers to follow in order to close a project in TeamDynamix.

  1. Navigate to the project within the technician view of TDX (TDNext).
  2. While in the Project Details section, click Actions > Close
    1. Consider closing out any unfinished Tasks, Issues, Risks
    2. Set the project to Inactive.
    3. Status should be Completed or Cancelled.
    4. Percentage Complete: 100% if the status is Completed
    5. Comments: Please add any project summary/closing remarks.
    6. Click Save.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please reach out to Chris Middleton.

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