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How To Acquire Audio/Video Conferencing Devices

skype ... Introduction Audio/Video Conferencing allows users to create conferences that contain both a web and phone dial-in capabilities.  These capabilities allow for almost anybody to be able to join a

Voice Mail Quick Start Guide

Introduction With Microsoft Cloud Voicemail you have access to voicemail on your Skype for Business desktop phone.  You also have access to your voicemails in Microsoft Outlook. Estimated time

How To Get Support for Teams or Voice Mail

View the process for getting support for Teams, Skype for Business, or Voice Mail. ... Search the Knowledge Base: In the search box, search for Teams, Skype for Business, Voice Mail, or another phrase related to your problem Use the resulting articles to solve your problem

How To Record an Audio Greeting for an Auto Attendant or Response Group

skypeforbusiness ... , using this form: Use the Skype Service Request Type:  Other Include the phone number that the greeting will be played on

How To Request an Audio Device

Skype for Business is a versatile communications platform.  As such, devices such as headsets or desk phones are utilized to allow users to communicate with telephone-like functionality. ... skypeforbusiness ... audio device: General Device Requests (Select "Request UC Audio Device" as the Skype for Business Request Type) Conclusion After completing the steps above, you will be able to request an audio

How to Setup and Edit Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

skypeforbusiness ... Office 365 resources (this includes web and desktop versions of Outlook, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and more). Where most typical authentication procedures require a username and password only, multi

Unified Communications Audio/Video Device Information

skypeforbusiness ... Audio Device" as the Skype for Business Request Type) Additional Information To view any of these devices in-person you can visit the Technology Support Center (Stalker Hall 009).  View their

Software Available to Students, Faculty or Staff

    Faculty, Staff Free        Skype for Business Skype for Business Quick Start Guide

Telephone/Unified Communications – Request Service or Modification

fulfillment within 5 business days. Constraints/Scope All University faculty and staff, who have an email account, have access to Skype for Business Instant Messaging and presence functionality

Working From Home / Off Campus with the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Office 365 Aceware Skype for Business Argos Ad-Astra Scheduler Banner (other than self-service) Banner Self-Service Blue Reports

Emergency Work From Home - Setting Up Your Computer and Peripherals

your headset if you want to use your Skype for Business or Teams soft phone at home! d.   Once you are in your home, refer to your pictures to connect the components together.  Connect each

How To Transfer a Call Using Polycom VVX Phone

Polycom VVX phones, connected to Skype for Business, allows calls to be transferred to other phones using a phone number or contact entry.  This article will walk you through the process of performing this operation. ... skypeforbusiness ... Introduction   Polycom VVX phones, connected to Skype for Business, allow calls to be transferred to other phones using a phone number or contact entry.  The information below will walk you

Testing Your Home Network

point via a wired (Ethernet) cable will provide the best quality, especially for audio/video applications like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, WebX or Zoom.  If you connected via Ethernet, you

Microsoft Teams Migration FAQ

General Questions Why are we migrating to Microsoft Teams? Microsoft has established an end-of-support date for the Skype for Business environment and has shifted the majority of their

Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Information

Skype for Business Yes, but only once Yes NA NA Outlook app (Android or IOS) NA NA NA Yes, but only once Native email app (email app