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Microsoft Teams Resource Links

teams ... Introduction Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration application in Office 365.  Teams is an application that allows you to bring a group of people who work closely together, give them a

Microsoft Teams Migration FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to Microsoft Teams. ... teams ... General Questions Why are we migrating to Microsoft Teams? Microsoft has established an end-of-support date for the Skype for Business environment and has shifted the majority of their

Microsoft Teams E911 Location Information

teams ... Introduction Microsoft Teams includes features and functionality to be able to dynamically provide location information for the caller in the event that a 911 call is placed. In a mobile

What to do After I am Migrated to Microsoft Teams?

After completing the article, it is expected that you will have a better understating of Microsoft Teams to allow for a seamless transition to the new voice platform ... microsoft-teams ... Introduction After you migrate to Microsoft Teams, there are some key things you might need to do to ensure all is working correctly. Estimated Time to Complete 15 Minutes Steps

How to Sign Into a Polycom Phone

This article is to assist users in signing into their Polycom Desk Phone after their migration to Microsoft Teams is complete. ... microsoft-teams ... Introduction Microsoft Teams provides telephony services to users. They will access the service either by using a headset or a desk phone.  For access using a desk phone, the following guide will

How To Get Support for Teams or Voice Mail

View the process for getting support for Teams, Skype for Business, or Voice Mail. ... Introduction This article will assist you in getting support for Microsoft Teams or Voice Mail.  The process utilizes ISUPortal to access OIT's service desk to record the issue and route it to the

How To Enter or Edit E911 Location

teams ... Introduction Microsoft Teams has the capability for users to define their location that will be used in the event that a 911 call is placed from within Teams. When the location has not been

How To Request an Audio Device

Introduction Microsoft Teams is a versatile communications platform.  As such, devices such as headsets or desk phones are utilized to allow users to communicate with telephone-like functionality

Usage Comparison - Teams and Zoom

Summary of choices and recommendations for synchronous collaboration using tools we have at ISU (Teams and Zoom). ... teams ... Introduction Zoom and Teams all have functions that are suited to synchronous communication and collaboration.  Differences in the environment for collaborating, or in some of the features desired

Telephone/Unified Communications - Report an Issue

teams ... within 4 business hours. Constraints Microsoft Teams Voice and Voice Mail services are for Faculty and Staff only. Any changes requested by student employees will have to be verified with their

Microsoft Bookings Quick Start Guide

Page A web page where the customers can schedule appointments with the available time slots. Online Meeting Online meeting within a Booking appointment is a Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 Group Standards

This article will provide the standards for Microsoft 365 Group Management at Indiana State University. The target audience is group owners and students, faculty, and staff that use MS Groups. ... Purpose An MS 365 Group is a service that works with the Microsoft 365 tools so you can collaborate with your teammates when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans

Working From Home / Off Campus with the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Skillport SharePoint (on campus) Sunapsis Talisma (CRM) Microsoft Teams UC4 Canvas   To connect to the VPN and install the client. Please see the Knowledge Base Article - VPN (Virtual Private Network) Access

Microsoft Intune and Workstation Security KB

Microsoft Intune keeps managed devices secure and up to date while securing ISU’S’s data. Data protection includes event monitoring of sensitive ISU data on and securing workstations and devices from ... microsoft ... Introduction Microsoft Intune keeps managed devices secure and up to date while securing ISU’S’s data. Data protection includes event monitoring of sensitive ISU data on and securing workstations

Connecting to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

This article will provide instructions for students on how to connect to the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop system. It also includes some usage notes as well as the software packages offered. ... Introduction Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based system that allows students to have remote access to some software packages typically utilized in ISU academic computer labs.  The