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Zoom - Report an Issue

Issues related to Zoom teleconferencing can be reported here. ... Description Students, Faculty, and Staff may request assistance for issues they experience while using Zoom for University instruction and/or business. For information related to getting

Zoom for Blackboard Quick Start Guide

Zoom, the meeting application, allows for students, faculty, and staff to meet virtually. This article will assist in navigating this application and creating meetings. ... zoom ... Introduction This guide will assist faculty, staff, and students in navigating the meeting application Zoom using the Blackboard integration. Estimated Time to Complete Reviewing this guide

Zoom - Request a Large Meeting or Webinar

Request a Zoom license for meetings or webinars that include groups over 300 participants. ... Description Students, Faculty, and Staff have standard ISU zoom accounts that will allow conferencing with up to 300 participants. For sessions larger than 300 participants, Zoom requires

How-to: Move Zoom recordings to YuJa

How to move a Zoom recorded video over into YuJa. ... zoom ... Introduction This article will assist faculty and staff in moving recordings from Zoom into YuJa. Estimated Time to Complete Reviewing this guide will take no more than 5 minutes

Usage Comparison - Skype, Teams, and Zoom

Summary of choices and recommendations for synchronous collaboration using tools we have at ISU (Skype for Business, Teams, Zoom). ... zoom ... Introduction Skype, Zoom, and Teams all have functions that are suited to synchronous communication and collaboration.  Differences in the environment for collaborating, or in some of the features

How to Add a Zoom Meeting Into a Canvas Course

This article contains the steps (with screenshots) to add Zoom meetings into Canvas courses. ... zoom ... Introduction This article will show how to add in Zoom meetings into Canvas courses.  Estimated Time to Complete Reviewing this guide will take no more than 10 minutes Steps Log

Zoom Quick Start (Web Conferencing/Collaboration)

This article contains basic information about Zoom capabilities and information on how to begin using Zoom. ... zoom ... Introduction Zoom web conferencing has been added to ISU's suite of tools for collaborative online work and communications.  Zoom complements and works with Blackboard and Yuja for collaborative

Software Available to Students, Faculty or Staff

the OS    Zoom Zoom Quick Start (Web Conferencing/Collaboration)     Students At no additional cost

Instructional Tools Overview

you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Create online rooms to provide virtual office hours. Zoom

Testing Your Home Network

point via a wired (Ethernet) cable will provide the best quality, especially for audio/video applications like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, WebX or Zoom.  If you connected via Ethernet, you

Standard for Instructional Data Retention

will be sent to all staff and faculty two weeks, one week, and one day prior to course removal. Zoom All cloud recordings 180 days after creation

ISU Apps in the New Engage Portal

Y Y N N N Workflow Y Y Y N N N Zoom Y Y N Y N Y

Distance Education Classroom Information

. Zoom and Skype for Business are already installed on the computer. Browser based conference software can also be used, so GoTo Meeting, YuJa Conference, Google Meet and others can all be run from

Checking and Optimizing Your Home Internet Connection

, WebX or Zoom.  If you connect via Ethernet, you don’t need to worry about wi-fi quality. If you need to use wi-fi, the quality of your wireless connection will significantly impact your