How to Add a Zoom Meeting Into a Canvas Course


This article will show how to add in Zoom meetings into Canvas courses. 

Estimated Time to Complete

Reviewing this guide will take no more than 10 minutes


  1. Log into Canvas & from the Dashboard, open the course where you want to add a Zoom meeting. 
  2. Select Modules from the Course Navigation menu. 
  3. Click the + sign to Add Item to Module (Circled in red below).

Canvas Course Modules with Red Circle Highlighting the plus symbol on the far right

4. Select External Tool from the dropdown menu.

Add Item to Module dropdown menu with External Tool option highlighted

5. Select Zoom LTI from the External Tool list.

External Tool list in Add Item to Module with Zoom LTI highlighted

6. Zoom LTI item is added by default to the bottom of the items list in the Module. 

Module Items list with Zoom LTI added at  the bottom of the list

7. Click Zoom LTI in the Module Item list & you will see the Zoom meeting scheduling tool.  Click Schedule a New Meeting to create a meeting. Note: When accessing Zoom for the first time in the course navigation, you may need to click the Authorize button to proceed.

Zoom meeting scheduling page with red circle highlighting Schedule a New Meeting buttton

8. Once you've created the Zoom meeting, Canvas adds it automatically to your course Calendar. The example below shows a weekly recurring Zoom meeting. 

Canvas calendar view displaying weekly recurring Zoom meeting


After following the instructions in this guide, you will be able to create Zoom meetings in Canvas courses. If you have any questions or concerns about using Zoom within Canvas, please contact Instructional Tools Support at 812-237-7000 or by email at 


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