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A Banner account request must originate from an employee's supervisor - individuals can’t just request a Banner account on their own.  If there is no indication as to why or what is needed, we must respond to the request by asking for their supervisor to submit the request.
Frequently asked questions concerning the University Account, University Affiliated Account and the different accesses that each have.
When someone leaves Indiana State University, they retain accounts for a period of time depending upon whether they were a student or employee. After that retention period, they no longer have any provisioning roles The account will no longer be synchronized to Microsoft Azure which will remove all user data hosted by Microsoft and will also stop them from being able to log in to anything via SSO.
This article will provide general information about the University Account created for all students, faculty and staff and used to access the MyISU portal and other web-based resources at Indiana State University.
Steps to reset your password for your University Account