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If a customer does not have a cell phone to use for multi-factor authentication, a One Time Authentication Token may be used. This article explains what to look for in purchasing a token, and how to get it set up after purchase.
This article provides general information about OneDrive features for students.
OneDrive for Business general information to get started with account access and files.
OneDrive for Business article for data sharing and storage.
This article answers frequently asked questions about email retention for faculty and staff.
This article describes how to create an email distribution list for PC or Mac.
This article describes how to use the Message Quarantine functions in Outlook in Office 365 in order to receive all of your email messages.
This article describes how to set retention tags to change the amount of time an email or group of emails is retained for students, faculty, and staff.
This article will provide the standards for Microsoft 365 Group Management at Indiana State University. The target audience is group owners and students, faculty, and staff that use MS Groups.
This article provides information on the level of support provided by the Office of Information Technology for the Office 365 Applications.
Office 365 accounts will be deleted for faculty and staff who separate from ISU 90 days after their last date of employment.
Email is available to alumni after graduation from ISU. Other services available in Office 365 are terminated 60 days after graduation.