Laptop Scholarship Hardware Support (Laptop/iPad)


Through academic year 2018-19, the Scholarship Laptop program provided incoming freshmen and transfer students with a laptop or iPad if they met certain academic requirements.   This program has now ended.  However, support for students who received such scholarships will continue until they graduate from ISU.

Hardware Support for Scholarship iPads

The Technology Support Center will:

  • Help with setting up your Apple iPad (email, wifi, instructions for printing).
  • Answer general questions about your iPad.
  • Help with installing apps that you purchase or download (if possible).
  • Instruct you on how to send your iPad back to the vendor for repair, or help you to find a place to take it for possible repair (e.g. Apple Store in Indy).

The Technology Support Center cannot:

  • Provide a loaner.
  • Repair the Apple iPad. (You are responsible for sending it back to Apple and any costs incurred must be accepted and paid for by the you).
  • Provide any replacement charging cables, headphones, or other peripherals.

Note: Apple will make all decisions related to whether the unit is defective or if it was damaged from a drop, spill or other accidental damage.
Additional information about the Apple iPad:

  • In our opinion, for the work that students need to do here at ISU, Apple iPads will not work as a laptop replacement and will not run all required software for your classes. A few years ago a pilot was run with students as testers. All student participants agreed that the Apple iPad was not a laptop replacement, but was an excellent secondary device - comparing it to their phone. They found it worked well for email, some note taking and surfing the web. It did not work for school work (e.g. typing papers) and they could not install required software for class work.
  • In our experience with faculty and staff users, and with a student pilot of IPads, we have found that iPads tend be have more limited usage.  People carry an iPad as a convenience device to do certain things – check e-mail while they are out and about, take notes in a class.  But they still use their laptop for heavy-duty tasks like writing a term paper. 
  • The Apple iPad has a one-year warranty. It only covers manufacturer’s defects, meaning if you drop it, spill something on it or otherwise accidentally damage it Apple will not repair it.   This means that if you choose the Apple iPad to use at ISU, and it’s your only device, if you drop it or spill something on it, you will have to replace it at your cost.

Hardware Support for Scholarship Laptops

The Technology Support Center will:

  • Provide a loaner while your laptop is repaired (as needed).
  • Perform hardware repair at no cost for the three years covered by the laptop warranty for each specific device.
  • Provide support for basic ISU-standard software (e.g. Microsoft Office) running on the laptop.
  • Install a new image (Windows, Office, antivirus, etc.)

The Technology Support Center will not:

  • Perform hardware repairs after the three-year warranty expires.

Hardware support is provided on a walk-in basis in the Technology Support Center (Stalker Hall Room 009).  Check the OIT website for support hours for the Technology Support Center.

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