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Argos is a reporting tool that is used to generate reports on data captured inside Banner and other Institutional databases. The tool allows you to run ad-hoc queries as well as advanced analytics and the ability to view dashboards. Through Argos, you will have the ability to generate reports in multiple formats including PDF, TXT, CSV and HTML. You also have the ability to distribute reports on a schedule or even to specific users.

Standard Features

Argos users are divided into three distinct types:

  • DataBlock designers:Power users who create DataBlocks. DataBlocks contain user input forms, and queries to retrieve information from one or more data sources.Reports in Argos have a DataBlock as their “parent” and each datablock can contain multiple reports. The DataBlock is the foundation for which all reports are created and contains Forms and Queries.
  • Report Writers:Intermediate users who use DataBlocks to build a variety of reports
  • Report Viewers: Casual users who are able to run reports, then save and distribute the output in a variety of useful formats.

Argos security is managed by DataBlock designers and Administrators by permitting or denying access to Argos objects.  The DataBlock designer has the ability to restrict access to a piece of data based on who should be allowed to run the reports and view the data.

Argos utilized the explorer Tree. The Argos Explorer Tree is a way to view and navigate folders, DataBlocks and reports in Argos.

How to request an Argos Account

Argos - New Account Requests:     Service Catalog > Accounts and Passwords > Argos > Argos - New Account Request

Constraints and Scope

  • Employee's supervisor or an Argos Security Officer are the only persons who can request that an Argos account be created.  To find the list of Argos Security Officers go to:  (Knowledge Base > Business Applications > Argos > Argos Security Officers)
  • Argos accounts are assigned to ISU faculty and or staff members that have a signed FERPA on file and a valid Banner ID.
    • If a FERPA is not signed, or if the requester does not have a valid Banner ID, the requester will be notified and the ticket request will be placed "On Hold" until the FERPA is signed and or the Banner ID is created.
  • All Argos account requests must be approved by the Argos security officers prior to processing.   
  • If the request includes access to the Office of Records and Registration (ORR) reports (Departmental Tools and or Managed Reports), then the account holder must attend and successfully complete the ORR training.

Additional Resources

Please see Envision Argos Tutorials for additional information on using Argos.

Argos is owned by Evisions.

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