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Indiana State University Web Content Standards

content (requires login) intranet made up of several products, mostly in the Microsoft environment, including SharePoint, Teams, L: Drive and other related resources. The standards for use of Sycamore Root

How To Update Chosen Name

email address. Systems will take some time to synchronize.  You may need to unlink and re-link OneDrive.  At this time, employees who log into the ISU listserv and/or TeamDynamix will need their

Evisions Application Launcher

submitting a ticket from TeamDynamix at   Additional Resources If more information about EAL is

ArcGIS Pro Installation for Students

Introduction ArcGIS Pro is a desktop geographic information system (GIS) software application designed for creating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing geographic data and maps. It is developed by

Computer Inventory - Update Request

within TeamDynamix.  This inventory is regularly updated with the user's details such as name, department, and primary use upon issuance of the device. By accepting a machine, users acknowledge their

How to Create a Scheduled Ticket

This article describes how technicians can create a ticket template and scheduled ticket in a TeamDynamix ticketing application. ... teamdynamix ... . NOTE: Only the owner of a ticket template or scheduled ticket can make edits to these items. By default, the owner will be the person who created the items unless a request is made to a TeamDynamix

Forgotten Your University Account Password

, and then select Finish. 4.    After you get the message saying that your password has been reset, you can sign in to your account using your new password. Microsoft's Password Protection

Workflow and Process for Purchasing Enterprise Software

To request a software acquisition or purchase, select the Service titled “Software – Purchase Requests” in the TeamDynamix Service Catalog (listed under the sections “Hardware, Software, and Printing|Software Support and Licensing”). ... the TeamDynamix Service Catalog (listed under the sections Hardware, Software, and Printing|Software Support and Licensing”).  For any enterprise software application, whether it is hosted on or

Knowledge Base Article Standards

This article will provide the standards that should be applied when creating a knowledge base article in TeamDynamix. The target audience is students and staff that will be writing, reviewing, approving and publishing knowledge base articles. ... teamdynamix ... Tag as it is listed in the service catalog Examples:  Banner, Kronos, Skype-for-Business, Blue-Reports, TeamDynamix Status Indicates the current state of

Locations & Rooms

Summary When a service request requires a physical visit, the ticket has to reflect a location so that those responding to the request will know where to go. This is done using the TDX Location and

How to Approve Project Resource Requests

This article describes how Resource Pool Managers are able to manage their assigned staff Project efforts by approving, rejecting, or withdrawing a Project Resource Request generated by a TeamDynamix Project, Project Manager. ... teamdynamix ... Introduction In order to optimize and better plan staff resources, OIT has instituted a Resource/Capacity Management process. This involves creating projects where the Project Manager requests