How To Join a Yuja Video Conference

Joining a Video Conference

1. Students and Instructors joining a conference will have an option to join through the Notifications bell icon in their YuJa account

2. Click the notifications icon and available conferences will be listed below. Select the appropriate conference and it will launch in a new browser window.


3. You can also join via link if the meeting invite was emailed to you.


Example from automated email:

No account creation is required to attend the meeting. At your scheduled meeting time, simply use the following Meeting URL:


Video Conference Settings

1. When entering the Video Conference, you will first choose the audio and video devices. YuJa will select the computer default devices, but you have the option to change them by clicking the down arrow next to the microphone, camera and speaker icons.



2. You may be prompted to enable your microphone depending on what browser you are using.

Example from Mozilla Firefox:

3. If you are unable to use the Speakers or Microphone on your computer, select the Use your phone option then select Do not use any audio for the meeting to join the session without computer audio.


 4. The settings menu will appear when joining a video conference session. The menu allows users to change settings during a meeting. You can change camera, microphone and speakers as necessary.



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